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Real and Solid Wood Doors

For an unlimited budget it would be possible to match any door style, however, to keep the price within reasonable limits the main features we are able to vary are the size (height and width), finish ie lacquered or raw, frame width, outside edge moulding, inside edge moulding and timber. Stock timbers include White American Oak, European Clear Oak, European Character Oak, Maple, Ash, White Beech, Cherry, Walnut and Pine.

A typical scenario is where a customer is entirely satisfied with their existing kitchen/bedroom doors but for various reasons may wish to add extra items. It is our experience that as long as the general 'proportions' of the new doors are similar to the existing then subtle design differences can often be accepted. It is usually more important that the colour of the additional items closely resembles the existing but for very small numbers this can be prohibitively expensive. For this reason, where a match is required to doors which have naturally aged over an extended period, we generally supply in raw timber, this allows our clients the opportunity to experiment with staining themselves in order to get a perfect match.

Another situation might be where a customer requires a completely unique or bespoke door design. With our flexible approach to style and finish it is also, of course, possible to produce door designs which are not available from the mass producers.

This flexibility of design applies only to Real and Solid wood doors as these are largely hand-made. This makes modifications easier to accomplish than for doors made from synthetic materials, which are often produced entirely by computer controlled machines. Our Real and Solid Wood ranges, whilst representing excellent value for money, are our most expensive doors and adding a further bespoke element clearly increases the cost further. However, the relatively high cost of a small number of doors should be considered against the significantly higher cost of replacing the whole kitchen or even of just replacing all of the doors with others made from synthetic materials. On the other hand if you are intending to replace all of your doors with a bespoke style then you will benefit from our quantity discount method of pricing, ie the more you buy the bigger the discount.

As an aid to inspiration we have produced a catalogue of door styles in various timbers and finishes. These are good size images which will enable you to clearly see the features. The catalogue is in .pdf format but due to the number and size of the images it is quite a large file (about 6.0 mb) so we recommend that you right click the link and Download to your computer.

To make an initial enquiry we would request that you Email us picture(s) of your existing doors/drawer fronts along with the height and width, in mm's, of the items for which you wish us to quote. We will then respond with our opinion of how close we can get and also a price for supplying.

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