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Summary of What We Do

    For almost 30 years we have supplied Made to Measure Cabinet Doors and Accessories for numerous applications, including Kitchen and Wardrobe Refurbishment, New Kitchen and Wardrobe Installations. Home Offices, General Household Cabinets. Fitted Furniture in Mobile Homes, Boats, Holiday Homes.... the list is very long.
    We are Proud of having survived for so long in the volatile Home Improvement sector, which we believe is at least partly because we always offer customers a Fair Deal, on the very Best of Products, all at a Reasonable Price. See what our customers say below.
    Doors for All Budgets from the lowest cost Slab style Laminate doors to the Beautifully crafted Real & Solid Wood styles all are supplied with the same efficient service.
    The Most Durable Door is Not necessarily the most expensive. This is a common misconception but every door we supply has proven fit for the intended purpose over countless real life situations. The cost of the door reflects the cost of the material used and it's cost of manufacture. Doors made from synthetic materials are often produced on computer controlled processes capable of making hundreds of finished items per day. On the other hand our Real/Solid wood ranges have a large input of hand crafting and take much longer.
    Every Door Supplied is Custom Made allowing customers free choice from the whole of our large Door Catalogue.
    Our Reliable UK Mainland Delivery Service ensures goods arrive at your home in perfect condition on the agreed day.
    Normal delivery lead time is about 3 weeks but in some cases, particularly for the Real & Solid Wood Ranges, where a greater degree of hand finishing is required, can be 5-6 weeks.
    "But all of this will Cost a Fortune" - you might think so but please look a bit further we Guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised.

How We can Help with Your Project

    A good Starting Place is to choose a Door Style and Colour. At the heart of this website is our Door Catalogue where you will find probably the most diverse choice of doors available from any one source. We have organised doors into broad Ranges of similar types. Each Range has a number of Styles and each Style can be made in a choice of Colours.
    Go to Door Catalogue
    If Cost is the biggest factor in deciding your choice you may intially wish only to consider the Lower Cost Synthetic Ranges. Although our Real and Solid Wood Doors are highly competitive they could not be described as a Cheap option.
    If you have already chosen your Ideal Door there are two options for finding the cost. Follow the links to the appropriate Catalogue page and insert your sizes and quantities for an OnLine Quotation. Alternatively if you prefer you can Email the sizes and quantites to us using our Quotation Request form and we will promptly Email Your Personal Quotation.
    If your Project is still in the early stages and you have not yet decided your Ideal Door we have a number of aids which may assist with your choice.
    Door Selector is a device for refining your Door choice by clicking successive options until the Ideal Door is reached.
    Go to Door Selector
    Door Comparison Chart gives the main properties for each Door Range and ranks them in ascending Price order.
    Go to Door Comparison Chart
    Door Report is a concise guide to the main types of door in our Catalogue, with indications of materials used and manufacturing processes.
    Get Door Report
    Some Notes on Door Sizes here you will find all you ever need to know about Door Sizes.
    The 80:20 Rule of Refurbishment replacing only the visible items, ie Doors, produces a dramatic improvement.

Roomset Gallery

Dorchester Style Bedroom Setting Image

Oxford Shaker Style Home Office Image

Oxford Shaker Style Bedroom Setting Image


    Some jargon phrases are often used but may not always be clear - we will try to explain some of the more common ones.
    Bespoke/Custom these both mean the same and usually refer to Made to Measure or Made to Any Size. ALL of our Doors are Bespoke.
    Drilled/Undrilled here drilled refers to 35mm dia holes drilled for hinges. We can drill hinge holes to Your Specification. We do not drill for Handles.
    used interchangeably with carcase, unit, wardrobe, door-frame, closet and essentially all mean the same. We supply doors for all of these.
    Single/5 Piece Doors the former are made from a single piece of material, usually MDF or Chipboard. Often, but not always, very Simple, Plain styles. 5 Piece is more traditional and comprise a frame of 4 separate pieces surrounding an inset panel.
    Real/Solid Wood Doors Flat Panel doors have a Solid wood frame and Real wood veneered panel. Raised Panel doors are made from all Solid Wood.
    Synthetic any material which is Not naturally occurring, such as Chipboard or MDF (medium density fibreboard)
    Kickboard/Plinth both have same meaning ie the strip of material between the floor and bottom of the cabinet.
    Cornice Decorative Profile at top of wardobe or wall cabinet
    Pelmet Decorative Profile usually used to hide under cabinet lights
    Hinges usually refers to the concealed cabinet hinges recommended for All of our door types. All are fitted by insertion into a predrilled 35mm dia hole in the back of the door and clip to a mounting plate inside the carcase or frame. Standard hinges are suitable for normal door opening of 90-100deg. 170deg hinges allow the door to fold all the way back to give maximum access.

      Unsolicited Customers Feedback

    .......I wanted to let you and all concerned know how very pleased I was with the sevice received from your company. The doors arrived promptly as has all correspondence from you, they were fitted yesterday and look absolutely fabulous.I shall be recommending you to everyone the service was first class from samples to quotes and delivery and the doors are fantastic , please pass on my thanks to all concerned.
    Many thanks June ....Milford Haven

    ......I Received my order early this morning and everything is spot on. Iam highly delighted with the quality of the work and packaging and I will now have the very enjoyable task of finally fitting all in place. Nice to have done business with you and will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.
    Regards Victor, .....Paisley

    .....This has been my second lot of doors from you and I must say how happy I have been with them. The quality of the finish has been excellent and the packaging superb.A very happy customer
    Regards Mr H, .........Havant

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